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hook and loop on same side piece

The hook and loop industry offers various options and alternatives that can be overwhelming. With so many changes, it may be difficult to find the right one for your application. Firstly, have you been looking for a self-engaging fastener that has hook and loop woven on the same side? Our AB Tape is a great alternative to traditional two-piece hook and loop tape. AB Tape’s one piece component contains alternating rows of hook and loop on the same side so that you won’t have to purchase two separate products. Additionally, AB Tape will help you conveniently store and use hook and loop – cutting down inventory levels!

hook and loop on the same side ab tape hook and loop on same side


Raw material: Nylon

Width: 5/8″ – 4″

Color: Black, White, and Others by request

Terms and Conditions

Minimum orders apply. Contact a sales representative to learn more at 800-328-4747.

When storing and using product, factors such as temperature, humidity, weight, and other environmental factors may affect product and performance. Furthermore, the buyer is responsible for testing and making sure that products are put together and used under proper conditions.

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