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PAIHO® North America is committed to offering industry leading customer service by ensuring that our customers have access to our variety of products. By being a direct manufacturer, PAIHO® has the capability and capacity to offer services and unique customizations, which our competitors cannot. Therefore, we can always guarantee high quality, consistency, and scalability.

PAIHO® Stock Programs

PAIHO® North America is committed to offering industry leading customer service by ensuring that all of our customers have access to many different Hook and Loop, Easy Tape, Elastics, Drawcords, and Fabrics that other suppliers may not or cannot provide. We realize that as your business grows, your time becomes more valuable and good support is absolutely essential, which is why we offer many programs to fit your purchasing needs.

Just in Time (JIT):

We have built a well-known reputation for holding large inventory of standard and hard to find items to accommodate your JIT inventory needs. Most standard orders ship within 24 hours to meet your demand.

Vendor Managed Inventory:

Let us do the work for you by managing your inventory requirements. Our teams work closely with you to determine what your necessary inventory levels are. We work closely with our factories to assure that we are cycling the inventory properly in our warehouse to have your products readily available. Additionally, stock status reports are provided to assure there is clear visibility on your end as well.

Blanket Orders/Kanban Programs:

Provide us with a blanket order and we will be sure to have the product ready and make the shipments according to your instructions. Our large warehouse is equipped to carry your special inventory needs so that you don’t have to worry about long lead times or lack of product availability.

In-House Fabrication and Customization:

PAIHO® North America provides custom fabrication to meet your specific needs. Our product development and fabrication department can assist in the design, fabrication, and manufacturing of the goods. We can reduce your manufacturing time and costs with our facilities in the US and Asia to help source, design, complete and deliver to meet your needs.

Special Packaging:

Fabrication Capabilities:


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    Terms and Conditions

    Minimum Order

    Minimum orders do apply. Please contact your account representative for details or call 800-328-4747


    The buyer must consider the following factors including, but not limited to: Temperature, Humidity, Weight, and other environmental factors. When ordering and using product, it is the buyer’s responsibility to test and assure that the product is assembled and used in proper conditions.


    “Standard Goods” are subject to a 30-day return period from the invoice date upon approval. All returns must have an “RMA Number” which is assigned by our Accounting Department. Unauthorized returns will be refused. Restocking fee of 25% may apply. “Special Order” and “Custom Fabricated” items cannot be returned.

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