Soft Hook: Higher Cycle Life and Lower Peel & Shear Strength

Soft Hook Only

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PAIHO® manufactures a vast range of hook & loop fasteners, elastics, and fabrics that are widely used in the medical market. More specifically, our soft hooks are a less aggressive hook that allow for a higher cycle life as well as a lower peel & shear strength compared to the standard hook, making it effective for repeated use. In addition, soft hooks are ideal for medical, apparel, and direct skin contact applications. For medical products such as blood pressure cuffs and slings, the soft hook can increase comfort to the skin with an un-napped loop. The soft hook is also used in applications with laminated unbroken hook & loop compatible elastic loops. Our latex-free products contain various features such as fire-retardant finishes, breathability, and stretchability to meet your standards and needs.

Medical Applications

Our soft hooks are latex-free and provide quality comfort and security for many applications including orthopedic, baby care, and health care uses.

Apparel Applications

Our soft hooks can be customized to your color of choice that provides comfortability and durability. 

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