Medical Line Application

PAIHO® manufactures a wide range of hook and loop, elastics, and fabrics that are used widely in the medical market. Our medical products are latex free and contains features such as fire-retardant finishes, breathability, and stretchability to meet your standards and needs.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PAIHO® provides the relative material solution like medical masks, elastic straps, and closure system materials for PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). Together we fight the COVID-19.


Leg Support

PAIHO® provides a wide range of materials and customizable options to cater to you and your needs. Materials such as hook and loop fasteners, elastics, and spacer mesh are used in this application.

Neck Support

Our medical line of products are latex-free and certified. Our fasteners add quality comfort and security to orthopedics braces, belts, binders, etc. Our high quality and innovative fastening technology cater to your specific application making it the best in the market!

Arm Support

By partnering with PAIHO®, medical suppliers can offer more competitive and innovative solutions to guarantee the highest quality to patient care and needs.

Back Support

PAIHO® strives to be your solutions provider by offering the products and customizations you need with quality care and customer service. Learn more about what we can offer you by contacting us!

Fabrication Capabilities

PAIHO® North America can help you with custom fabrication to meet your specific production needs. Our product development and fabrication department can assist in design, fabrication, and manufacturing. We have the ability to manufacture completed products; from concept to prototype and production we are the experts in manufacturing complete product assemblies.

Featured Products

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