Can You Guess How Easy It Is To Organize Your Garden?

Here at Paiho, we carry a solution to bulky, one-time use plant ties in our pockets: the reusable and easily customizable PaiWrap® Easy Tear. Let’s get ready for spring gardening together!




One Product, Two Steps


In just two steps, you can tie your plants to supporting structures, secure your garden hose, bind plants to each other or even tie a bouquet of freshly-picked flowers! And the best part is, you can use your Easy Tear strap again and again. Though the material is perforated, it retains good tensile strength and is weather-resistant (good for this unpredictable spring weather).


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Paiho North America

We at Paiho North America are dedicated to protecting the environment through providing eco-friendly materials.  We have a full line of recycled material hook & loop, webbing, drawcord, shoelace and tips. Call us toll-free at 800-328-4747 to learn more about these products – our team of customer service representatives will be happy to help you find what you are looking for!



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