Get to Know Paiho: Paiwrap® Easy Tear

Paiwrap Easy Tear fastener



Who Needs A Strap When You Can Rip & Wrap?


This week’s featured product is our Easy Tear version of the PaiWrap® (which you might be familiar with already). Easy Tear is perforated every 5 mm, which means you can control the length you want to tear off and get the most out of each roll! Don’t be fooled by the name though – Easy Tear retains good horizontal strength even with the perforations.


What can you use Easy Tear for? On-the-go applications are its forte!


The PaiWrap® Easy Tear can take the place of any permanent or temporary cable tie in just about any industry or work environment. Technicians and electricians can take Easy Tear anywhere without the need for scissors. It can replace a zip tie, traditional cable ties, or agricultural ties. You can use it when tying back plant vines, cleaning up the cords under your desk or behind your TV, keeping items bundled together, securing panel wires, or cinching down a bag on the back of your motorcycle or quad…you name it!


The best part is you can make that tie as long or as short as you want! The goods come on a 25 yd roll so the variety of straps and ties you can create is endless!  The standard color selection also means you can color-code your Easy Tear to match the intended product.


Now you can use our PaiWrap® anytime, anywhere!



Paiho North America


If you’re interested in learning more about Easy Tear Paiwrap®, Easy Tape® (our line of low-profile molded hooks), our textile products, or customization and post-process treatments, call toll-free today at 800-328-4747 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you! Or visit our Products and Services page to learn more.


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