Crafting with Paiho: Simple Halloween Craft That Only Takes 5 Steps



It’s not too late to make some home decoration for trick-or-treating and Halloween parties! We’ll show you how to some use hook & loop fasteners and supplies from your home to make a spooky cup ghost. This craft is simple and only takes 5 steps to finish! 



Here’s what you need: 


  1. White Loop (any width)
  2. 1-7/8″ Black Hook Adhesive Coin (rubber or acrylic)
  3. 3/4″ White Hook Adhesive Coins (rubber or acrylic)
  4. 3/4″ White Loop Adhesive Coins (rubber or acrylic)
  5. Black Permanent Marker
  6. White Crepe Paper
  7. White Paper Cup
  8. Scissor 
  9. Tape





Here’s how to make your spooky cup ghost: 



Step 1: 


First, grab two white loop coins and one black hook coin. Then peel off the liner and stick to the side of the paper cup to make the ghost face. The two white loop coins will make the eyes and the large black hook coin will be the mouth.


Step 2: 


Cut 4 strips of the white paper streamer at the same length. Tape the strips into the inside of the paper cup.


Step 3: 


Grab one white hook coin and peel off the liner. Then stick the white hook coin on the top of the paper cup. 


Step 4: 


Cut a strip of the white loop. Peel off the liner of the white hook coin and stick to one end of the white loop strip’s back side. Then bend the white loop strip loop out to make a circle. 


Step 5: 


Stick the circle white loop strip with the white hook coin on the top of the paper cup. Finally, use a black permanent marker to draw eyes. Feel free to add other drawings to your spooky cup ghost! 






All done! This simple and easy craft DIY is perfect for your kids and yourself to make at home for Halloween. 


Feel free to check out our other Halloween DIY craft videos to get more decoration ideas, and subscribe to our Youtube channel for year-round crafting and DIY videos!


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