Napped Loop Vs. Unnapped Loop: What’s the Difference?

Napped Loop

PAIHO’s Napped Loop comes standard and is the industry’s leading touch fastener with an extremely high cycle life. The Napped Loop is available in back-to-back format (Hook-Loop, or Loop-Loop). With standard colors coming in Black and White, various colors are available upon request. Our Napped Loop is great for any general application such as footwear, apparel, tactical, and industrial uses. In terms of strength, with 0 cycles, the peel strength is 2.92 (lb/in) and the shear strength is 20.9 (lb/inch²). Depending on the type of hook and loop (standard, specialty, easy tape, or adhesive), our Napped Loop features can range from low profile, transparent, stitched, etc. 

UnNapped Loop

The standard UnNapped Loop is made from 100% Nylon. Polyester is available upon request with a special order. PAIHO’s UnNapped Loop is used for applications requiring higher cycle life as well as a lower peel & shear strength. Our UnNapped loop is great for applications involving apparel, medical, personal care, furniture, and tactical uses. The standard available colors are Black & White and more colors are available upon request. In terms of strength, after 0 cycles, the peel strength is 1.40 (lb/in) and the shear strength is 12.09 (lb/in²). PAIHO® offers another type of loop known as the “1057 UnNapped Loop” that is paired with our Easy Tape Molded Hooks such as the ETN-62I & ETN-72I. When paired, the peel strength is 1.86 (lb/in) and the shear strength is 29.20 (lb/in²) after 0 cycles.

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