Paiho Team Building: Taste The Rainbow With This Icebreaker


Team Building With A Sweet Twist


We might see our coworkers every day for 8 hours, but do we really know them? 


We decided to test out this fun activity at our last meeting to get to know each other. We learned about our shared goals and interests as well as how individual strengths can make the team stronger overall. The best part – everyone gets candy at the end!


Give this activity a shot at your next meeting, you might be surprised what you’ll learn about your coworkers. We hope this activity will with help your team building as well.



What You’ll Need


  1. M&Ms or Skittles
  2. Bowl
  3. Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple construction paper (1 each)
  4. Index Cards + Tape or Post-Its 



How To Play


  1. Pour M&Ms or Skittles into a bowl. (Make sure the participants don’t eat all the candy before the activity starts!)
  2. On each sheet of colored paper, write down the below phrases:
    1. Yellow – Favorite Place To Travel
    2. Red – Most Memorable Work Party
    3. Green – One Thing You Love About Your Job
    4. Orange – Favorite Thing You Do To Keep You Motivated
    5. Blue – One Stressful Thing In Your Job You Wish You Could Improve On
    6. Purple – Life Goal You Are Working On
  3. Tape the colored paper side-by-side on the wall.
  4. Give each player 5 Post-Its/ Index Cards.
  5. Each person will pick a Skittle/M&M from the bowl without looking. 
  6. The player will then write down their name and a response to the prompt that matches the color of their candy. Tape the response to the wall below the same colored paper.
  7. Play for at least 5 rounds and see what answers everyone gives!
  8. Optional: Go over the responses as a group at the end. 


 Everybody wins! ­čÖé


*Not endorsed by Skittles or M&M.

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