PAIHO® Sports Equipment

PAIHO® produces a wide range of materials suitable for Sports Equipment, such as sports bags, helmets, gloves, and shoes.

Sports Bags

Elevate your brand with customizable fabrics, webbing, patches, labels, and drawcords allowing you to incorporate your logo, colors, and designs.


Patches/Labels, Drawcords, Webbings


PAIHO® offers precision die-cuts for adhesive hook & loop to fit your specifications. Choose from various colors, widths, and thicknesses in our webbing selection to fit your helmet style.

Adhesive Hook & Loop


Bike Gloves

Our spacer mesh is perfect for bike gloves, offering breathability and durability. Our cuff tabs are ultra-light and thin with super strong shear strength, composed of our Easy Tape®. Customizable options are available.  


Spacer Mesh

Cuff Tabs


Enhance footwear with our customizable shoelaces, available in various materials and post-treatments. Personalize your sports shoes with our unique multi-strap webbings for a stylish look.


Multi-Strand Knit Tape

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