PAIHO® Napped VS Unnapped Loop

What are the differences between PAIHO® Napped and Unnapped Loop?

Napped Loop

Industry leading touch fastener – Nylon woven loop has premium high cycle life.

Material: Nylon

Width Range: ½” – 6”

Colors: Black, White, Others by Request

Application: All General Products

Available in back-to-back format: Hook/Loop or Loop/Loop

Feature: Napped Loop is made from A-grade Nylon and with consistent shear and peel strength.

Unnapped Loop

Designed for applications that require a higher cycle with a lower peel and shear strength.

Material: Nylon

Width Range: ¾” – 4”

Colors: Black, White, Others by Request

Application:  Apparel, Cloth Diaper, Furniture,  Medical, Tactical

Recommended with Soft Hook, Extra Soft Hook

Feature: Even appearance and high cycle life. Better resistance to water absorption and suitable for snow wear and gear.

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