PAIHO® Knit Elastic

PAIHO® produces a wide variety of Knit Elastics designed to be customized to meet your diverse needs.  


S-Shape is a rubber yarn weaving structure designed to create a slip-resistant elastic composed of Paiho space-dyed yarn.

Knit Jacquard Elastic

Knit Jacquard Elastic is a stretchable,  multi-color structure that reveals the knitted design structure while maintaining the desired image.  

4-Way Stretch Grid Elastic

4-Way Stretch Grid Elastic has a unique grid mesh structure and 4-way stretchability.                             

Silicone 4-Way Stretch

Silicon 4-Way Stretch Elastic with silicone spreading, tassels at the edge and 4-way stretchability.

Multi-Color Knit Elastic

Multi-Color Knit Elastic with tenacious stretchability, unique grid mesh textile structure and space-dyed yarn colors.      

Knit Waistband

Knit Waistband with drawcord creates multi-functional applications. 

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