Need a thinner alternative to standard hook and loop?

The Molded Hook is a plastic injected molded fastener that is ultra-light, ultra-thin, and has super strong shear strength while offering dense hook and loop closure with a mere 1mm gap (standard hook and loop is 2-3 mm). Paiho’s Easy Tape® Molded Hook line can be used in any application that requires a smaller closer, lighter feel but still requires the strength you would expect from any Paiho product.


We offer a wide variety of molded hook products. Molded hook is made is 3 typical shapes:

  • J Hooks (strong) – These hooks can be positioned in either an opposed direction or in a the same direction. They are very close to each other allowing for high shear performance with the option for directional release.  The J Hooks works well with both non-woven and thin-knit loops.
  • Palm Tree Hooks (stronger) – These hook are heavy duty. They have almost twice the peel performance of a J hook. The palm tree shape covers more surface area making the closure great for  applications that need to be ultra secure.
  • Mushroom Hooks (strongest) – These hooks are a must for the most demanding near-permanent applications.  Mushroom hooks offer very high shear and peel attributes.


All of our Easy Tape products are available is a variety of widths up to 12″ wide. They are currently offered in transparent, black, white, and other colors by request. All molded hook products are also available in back to back options.



Contact your Account Executive for additional information and what style would be best for your applications or request a sample and we will get one out to you.

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