Top Things You Must See from PNA at SHOT Show 2018

SHOT Show Supplier Showcase


Journey to SHOT Show Supplier Showcase


Kicking off this year, Paiho North America will start an exciting journey of trade shows at NSSF SHOT Show’s Supplier Showcase (National Shooting Sports Foundation) from January 22-23. We will head to the energetic city of Las Vegas for this great military/tactical show.  Be sure to stop by Booth #S1536 and say hello! 




Here’s an exclusive preview of what Paiho is going to feature for the show. You won’t want to miss it! 



Digital Woven Fabric



Take your camouflage pattern to the next level with our digital weaving capabilities! Simply give us the artwork file and our machines can weave it. From simple to complex designs, our jacquard looms can product a wide range of intricate patterns. 



Shoelace/Draw Cord



Our Polyester shoelaces/draw cords are made to last in outdoor conditions. Choose from a wide range of shapes and weaves, from the most basic to complex. We product all of our own shoelace/draw cords, including the tips. Customization options also available! 






The Double Cross Grain Twill elastic is made of natural latex and features a combination of good elasticity and high durability. Suitable for straps, belts, military/tactical pants, and hunting and outdoor apparel. 



Spacer Mesh



This spacer mesh features superb breathability and acts as a durable alternative to foam. FR Cal 117 compliant. 

Material: Polyester

Width: 60″ 

Thickness: Available in 3 and 5 mm



Suli-Flanette Fabric Backing



This smooth, suede-like backing is offered with our Easy Tape Molded Hooks. Suli-flanette can be applied to cuff links, patches, pull tabs, and more. 

Low Cycle: With ETN-21C hook

Medium Cycle: With ETN-32C hook

High Cycle: With ETN-62I hook



ETN-62I Molded Hook (Military Colors)



This Easy Tape® molded hook can last for over 10,000 cycles without sacrificing strong peel and shear strength. We’re featuring the colors Olive Drab, Tan, and Coyote Brown.

Material: Nylon

Colors: Black, White, Clear, Others by request

Recommended Loop: 1057 Unnapped Loop



1057 Unnapped Loop (Military Colors)



This soft, high cycle unnapped loop is specially designed to pair with our more aggressive Easy Tape molded hooks. We’re featuring the colors Olive Drab, Tan, and Coyote Brown.

Material: Nylon

Colors: Black, White, Others by request

Recommended Hook: ETN-62I



Woven Hook & Loop (Military Colors)



An industry-leading touch fastener with extremely high cycle life. Certified to Military Specifications (Mil-Spec). We’re featuring the colors Olive Drab, Tan, and Coyote Brown.

Hook: 9 mil

Loop: Standard Napped

Material: Nylon







Our lowest profile nylon molded hook combined with knit loop creates an ultra-thin and flexible back-to-back fastener! 

Material: Nylon hook & loop

Colors: Black, White, Others by request



ETB-09 Loop



Soft, low-profile knit loop with medium cycle. Works well with our Easy Tape® molded hooks. Also available as a back to back loop (ETB-09LL).

Material: Nylon

Colors: Black, White

Recommended Hook: ETN-32C



ETN-32C Molded Hook



This Easy Tape® molded hook has lower peel and shear strength than the ETN-62I and works well for medium cycle application. 

Material: Cold Resistant Nylon

Color: Black, White, Clear

Recommended Loop: ETB-09




Wide Circular Knit Loop



This wide circular knit loop is an industrial strength product designed for high cycle applications. 

Material: Nylon

Color: Black

Recommended Hooks: Standard Woven Hook, ETN-32C, ETN-62I



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