Hook & Loop Toy Applications

When it comes to assembling toys and entertainment products, having the right fastening solution is critical. PAIHO’s hook and loop products provide a durable and reusable option that is perfect for the job. Lets break down why our fasteners are an ideal option. 

PAIHO’s EASY TAPE® is one of our series of fasteners that have a wide variety of applications and are great for toy/entertainment applications. EASY TAPE® holds up well in both low temperature & high temperature environments, making it an excellent choice for long term applications. Its material allows the hook and loop to stay consistently fastened when applied on smooth surfaces, such as plastic or metal. This makes it ideal for use on toys or games that may be moved around frequently or exposed to various temperatures.

Our AB Tape is a great alternative to the traditional two-piece hook and loop tape. AB Tape’s one piece component contains alternating rows of hook and loop on the same side so that you won’t have to purchase two separate products! This product is great for toy doll clothing, will be easy for kids to open and close. 

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