Paiho® Essentials for Beach Equipment

Disclaimer: Photo by Loren Biser on Pexels

Summer is here and Paiho® has the necessary materials to manufacture beach equipment. We have webbing that can be utilized in a variety of products such as beach chairs, sandals, and kayaks. Shown below are additional materials Paiho® offers that can enhance your finished products.

Beach Chairs

Disclaimer: Photo by Önder Örtel on Pexels


The knitted mesh is both functional and stylish that can be used to design beach chairs including cup holders.  

Beach Sandals

Disclaimer: Photo by Daryl Han on Unsplash

Hook and loop fasteners are perfect for securing the sandal straps.


Disclaimer: Photo by Carol Colman on Pixabay 

Elastic drawcords on kayaks offer the solution to secure backpacks and other items.

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