Cable Management – Cords, Installation, & Storage

PAIHO® offers a wide range of cable management products that are applicable across all industries. Our quality products meet industry standards and are also available with various properties. The types of cable management include Back-To-Back, Cable Sleeve, and Cable Wrap. Our Back-To-Back products include PAIWRAP, PAIWRAP EASY TEAR, and POLYWRAP. Our Cable Sleeve products include Electro-X, X-Panda, and X-Panda FR. Our Cable Wrap Products include Quik Wrap Custom Cable Ties. Post-processes can be applied to cable management products in the form of slitting, Die Cutting, Ultrasonic Welding, High Frequency Welding, Screen Printing, Digital Printing, Lamination, and Dye To Match. Here is a brief overview of each type of cable management product:


Back-To-Back cable management allows for hook and loops to be laminated Back-To-Back in high profile or low profile options. Our most popular Back-To-Back cable manager is the PAIWRAP family that consists of PAIWRAP, POLYWRAP, PAIWRAP EASY TEAR, and PAIWRAP Custom Cable Ties.

Cable Sleeves

The Cable Sleeve series are expandable and easy-to-use sleeves that go over cables and wires. In addition, they pass the UL Fireproof Rating Class 2 and are RoHS/REACH compliant. 

Cable Wraps

PAIHO’s Quik Wrap Cable Wrap is a military specified hook and loop that is combined with natural fire retardant PVC, making it a great option for industrial use.

Thank you to everyone that attended the SHOT Show Supplier Showcase 2023 this past week! Stay tuned to see what PAIHO® has coming in the future. Click below to read more about our cable management products:

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