Sew-On Hook an Loop: Great for Military & Medical Applications

PAIHO’s Standard Sew-On Hook & loop is the industry’s leading touch fastener and is available in back-to-back format such as hook-hook, hook-loop, or loop-loop. This hook and loop is great for military gear, medical products, apparel and more. Our Sew-On Hook is available in 6.5 mil (Extra Soft Hook), 8 mil (Soft Hook), and 9 mil (Standard Hook). More specifically, the 9 mil Standard Sew-On Hook & Loop has an initial peel strength of 250 g/cm and a holding power of 850 g/cm².

Furthermore, this fastener is made from A grade Nylon with superior peel and shear strength compared to the softer hook & loops. The strength of this hook & loop holds 75% of its power even after 5,000 cycles.

PAIHO® also offers dye-to-match capability. As previously mentioned, the Standard Sew-On Hook & Loop has a high life cycle with over 100,000 closures, washable, and UV resistant features to prevent discoloration. Moreover, this product comes in colors ranging from black and white to ranger green and more.

Military Specifications & Applications

PAIHO’s Standard Sew-On Hook has a breaking strength of over 215 pounds and the loop has a breaking strength of over 175 pounds! This hook and loop retains half of its closure strength when wet and fully recovers after drying. In addition, it is effectively heat resistant. The hook can withstand temperatures over 400F while the loop can withstand temperatures over 300F. After multiple uses, this fastener is still able to retain a great amount of holding power. 

PAIHO® strives to guarantee and provide high-quality products for almost any application or use. As a reminder, PAIHO® North America will be exhibiting at Shot Show Supplier Showcase 2023! Click the link below to view more of our hook & loop products. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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