PAIHO®: Mission for Environmental Commitment

On November 15th, we celebrate national recycles day by raising awareness of PAIHO’s mission for environmental commitment. We introduce the materials and practices that goes into the manufacturing of our end-products.

 PAIHO® is certified which shows our commitment to minimize our impact on the environment. Below, we highlight some of our water and energy saving practices, bio-based products, and our eco-friendly textile alternatives.

Water and Energy Resources

Bio-Based Materials

PAIHO® has been using 100% recycled yarns for more than 10 years. Our team has recently developed yarn, with bio-based raw materials.

Eco-Friendly Option

PAIHO® manufactures a range of products that consists of PET recycled materials. You also have the option to choose one of our post-processes which includes eco-friendly silicone, screen print, sublimation print, reflective and film lamination, and high frequency embossing on webbings. 

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