Fabric & Spacer Mesh – Woven & Knitted

Digital Jacquard Woven Fabric

PAIHO® has created weaving techniques to allow patterns with various meshes provide good air permeability. The fabric can be woven to the customer’s design choice. Our digital woven fabric breaks traditional weaving limitations by implementing innovative and breathable material through digital designs and patterns. Through continuous innovation and creativity, PAIHO’s woven jacquard series is able to deliver diversified, colorful patterns, and functions with excellent hand feel. The fabric is perfect for upper parts of shoes and overall accessories. For jacquard patterns, PAIHO® allows weaving up to 12 colors and hundreds of stock yarn for fast sampling. We carry different types of fabric that offer great functionality and eco-friendly characteristics. Our digital jacquard woven fabric is processed with coating, water-repellent treatment, embossing, fleece finishing, brushing, and digital printing to present various tactility and functions. The types of yarn listed below are included but not limited to our fabric:

  • Polyester Yarn
  • Nylon Yarn
  • Recycled Yarn
  • Metallic Yarn
  • Space-Dyed Yarn
  • Elastomeric Yarn 
  • Loop Yarn
  • TPU Yarn
Each of these yarns are great for creating various textures & patterns, lightweight functions, and breathability.


Knitted Fabric / 4-Way Stretch Fabric

A.T.M (Advanced Technical Material), also known as 4-Way Stretch Fabric is knitted with dyed yarn and high-quality spandex to deliver strong stretchability, textile patterns, and air ventilation. Various types of yarn are available for A.T.M such as space-dyed and monoyarn. Our knitted jacquard mesh series leads the latest trend in fashion and is imported from Germany with high quality color yarn to enable consistent production. Compared to traditional mesh, knit jacquard mesh allows for various characteristic changes based on customer preference. Knitted fabric is great for many applications including shoes and apparel. PAIHO® also produces spacer mesh, single layer knitted jacquard mesh, and dual layer knitted jacquard mesh. Spacer Mesh features superb breathability and acts as a durable alternative to foam. This high cycle material is made to withstand frequent usage and wear. Single layer knitted jacquard mesh is a one piece production that allows for a more breathable, thin, and light product. Dual layer knitted jacquard mesh is also a one piece production with more thickness and allows for various colors and 3D effects through jacquard technology. These are all great for sports, apparel, luggage, and home textiles.

PAIHO® Taiwan is the center for in-house fabric production, innovation, and rapid sampling. In addition, PAIHO® North America has localized service teams in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, making our products accessible from around the world. Take a look at our fabric products by clicking the link below. 

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