Drawcord & Shoelace: Apparel & Footwear Applications

Diversified Textiles

PAIHO® uses high quality weaving and knitting machines to create pristine textile structure and softness. PAIHO® offers drawcords & shoelaces in various shapes and sizes such as flat, round, oval, braided, specialty, and elastic. Our drawcords & shoelaces are piece-dyed, soft and have excellent loose-resistance for multidirectional activities. Post-processes offer different color matching/combinations and printing/embossing to diversify the braids. In addition, we provide treatments for lacing tips and aglets. 


Shoelaces are available in pantone/custom colors and are made with cotton & polyester with a width of 4-25mm.

Screen/Sublimation Print

The GTG998 is a flat and stretchy lace that is customized with sublimation printing. It can be made with polyester & spandex with a width of 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, and customizable widths as well.


Laces can be braided with reflective and polyester material. This has a width of 4-25mm.


The NH171 is a flat stretchy lace made with spandex to give its function. It can be made with polyester and spandex with a width of 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, and customizable widths.


Made to keep eyelets tight and prevent slippage, laces laces can be made with a wax finish. It can be made from polyester & wax with a width of 4-25mm.

Thin (2mm)

This shoelace is thin and available in pantone and customizable colors. It is made with polyester and has a width of 2mm.


This shoelace is spun with various yarn colors to create its multi-color effect. It is made with polyester and has a width of 1-12mm.


This shoelace is spun with two different yarn colors and made with polyester. It has a width of 4-8mm.


TSB1194-5+C12 combines the classic braided laces with exclusive space-dyed yarn to achieve its effect. It is made from polyester and has a width of 5mm and is customizable.


This shoelace comes in a flat or round shape that is threaded with translucent and various yarn colors. It is made with polyester & polyester mono with a width of 4-25mm and customizable widths.


This is a one piece shoelace with no tips or aglets. This is made with polyester woolly and has a width of 6mm/8mm and is customizable widths.


The CN6224 + D20A jacquard pattern shoelace has a convex appearance with anti-slippery functions. This is made from polyester & polyester woolly with a width of 1-12mm and customizable widths.

Convex Spiral

This is a unique convex pattern with multi-color space dye yarn to create spiral effects. This is made from polyester with a width of 1-12mm and is customizable.


Some shoelaces can be applied with reflective tape, printing, and other fabrications to highlight the garment.

Tips & Aglets

With so many options to choose from in our drawcord & shoelace series, PAIHO® guarantees high quality products and finishes. Our lacing tip and aglet collection has been developed for over 20 years with finishing touches such as electroplating, embossing, printing, and more. 


This tip is made from recycled PET, biodegradable PLA, PCL. and bamboo wood

Banana Tip

This tip is a one piece combined tip and drawcord. There is no plastic and solvent included in the production process for an eco-friendly alternative.


This treatment allows for customizable logos and patterns with a 3D effect.


This is a plastic tip that can protect the plastic wrap and extend the product life. There are various post treatments available for this tip.


This is a delicate hollow cut/carve/convex/laser with etched logos, patterns, and multi-color plating.


This eco-friendly silicone has a dipping process for ultra-soft and multicolor silicone tips. Screen printing and reflective patterns are available.

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