Automotive Applications – Reliable & Secure

Interior Equipment

PAIHO® manufactures EASY TAPE® and other fasteners for a quick & easy assembly in automotive applications. PAIHO® offers accessories for vehicle interior services such as door panel insulation, headliners, carpet fixtures, seat covers, and more. PAIHO® also uses house made straps and fabrics to create a variety of designs and solutions for transportation requirements.

Door Panel Insulations

For car doors, our re-closable fasteners are useful for larger panels that may need to be removed or repaired.


With EASY TAPE®, assembling headliners has never been quicker or more secure. Our molded hooks are composed of slide in, push in, and other methods.

Carpet Fixtures

PAIHO® provides the perfect solution for carpet & floor coverings with our innovative technology!

Seat Covers

With our high quality and low-cost products, we can assemble seating with efficiency compared to the traditional ring-and-wire system.

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