Visitor Safety Guidelines

Paiho North America is pleased to have you as a guest in our facility. We ask that while you are here you follow some basic guidelines to keep you and our staff safe. We want you to be well informed of our safety guidelines so your visit is enjoyable.


When you arrive please notify our staff in the front office and we will notify the party you are meeting with. Please sign in and get a visitors pass. Please take a seat wait in the reception area. All meetings will be held in the conference room in the front office.


Parking: Please park in any open space, do not park in the designated fire lanes.


Facility Access:  We ask that you be escorted through our facility, especially in the warehouse and fabrication areas. This will ensure your safety while you are here. A member of our staff will make sure that you reach your destination as quickly and conveniently as possible.


Dress Code: When touring or walking the warehouse and fabrication areas, visitors are required to wear close-toe, slip-resistant shoes and heels are less than 1” height.  No sandals, slippers, rocking or rolling shoes. Sleeved shirts are recommended.  No tank tops, shorts or skirts. No dangling earrings, necklaces or bracelets. Clothing with dangling fringes, neckties or ID hangers are not permitted.  Long hair is required to be tied up.  If you do not have the proper dress, you will be asked to remain in the front office.


Tobacco Free Policy: Paiho North America provides a tobacco free environment in the facility and all company vehicles. The use of any tobacco products is prohibited at all times unless it is in the designated areas outside of the building.


Eye Protection: Visitors and employees are required to wear safety glassed or goggles at all times when near any machines in the fabrication area. We provide these for your convenience.



Hearing Protection: Ear plugs are provided for your comfort while touring the fabrication department. They are not required, but are recommended for your safety.



Food and Drink:  We ask that no food be brought into the warehouse or fabrication areas. Only spill proof drinks are allowed in the warehouse and fabrication areas.



Mobile Phones: For your protection, mobile phones are prohibited in the fabrication area. They can cause distractions that will prevent you from observing safety guidelines as well as possibly creating a distraction for our staff.


We look forward to seeing you soon! Please let us know if you have any questions about our policy so that we can provide you with the most accurate information prior to your arrival.