Drawcords & Elastics: Camo Printing


PAIHO® produces high-quality elastics that exceed worldwide brands’ standards. We provide styles including knitted, woven, jacquard, specialty, and options for post-treatments. Our elastics are made from natural latex, high-quality spandex elastane, and standard polyester. Features include resistance to abrasion, yellowing, UV, Pilling, Washing without deformation, and outstanding air ventilation and stretchability. The Post-treatments we provide include silicone application, screen print, sublimation print, camo print, and more!


PAIHO® uses high quality weaving and knitting machines to create pristine textile structure and softness. PAIHO® offers drawcords in various shapes and sizes such as flat, round, oval, braided, specialty, and elastic. Our drawcords are pre-dyed, soft and have excellent loose-resistance for multidirectional activities. Post-Treatments are an option that offers different color matching/combinations and printing/embossing to diversify the braids. 

Camo Printing

More specifically, our camo printing capabilities are able to take your camouflage pattern to the next level. Simply provide us with your custom design and our machines can create patterns on drawcords, elastics, and many more products.

PAIHO® strives to guarantee and provide high-quality products for almost any application or use. As a reminder, PAIHO® North America will be exhibiting at Shot Show Supplier Showcase 2023! Click the link below to view more of our woven & knitted fabric products. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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